Step-by-Step Guide to Installing Angular on Your Computer

  1. Install Node.js: Angular requires Node.js to be installed on your system. You can download the installer from the official Node.js website (https://nodejs.org/en/) and run it to install Node.js.
  2. Install the Angular CLI: Once Node.js is installed, you can use the Node.js command prompt to install the Angular CLI (Command Line Interface) by running the following command: npm install -g @angular/cli
  3. Create a new Angular project: Use the Angular CLI to create a new project by running the command ng new project-name. This will create a new directory with the specified project name and initialize it with a basic Angular application.
  4. Navigate to the project directory: Use the command cd project-name to navigate to the newly created project directory.
  5. Start the development server: Use the command ng serve to start the development server. This will compile and serve the application, and it will be available at http://localhost:4200/
  6. Test the application: Open a web browser and navigate to http://localhost:4200/ to see the default application running.

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